We teach programming
and QA

Hello! We live and work in Silicon Valley in top technology companies, and in the evenings after work, we share our knowledge with people who want to learn the profession of a programmer or tester. We also conduct classes for children.

The most important thing about what we do
The purpose of the course is to bring a person without experience in IT to employment
We assume that you have no experience in IT and start with the most straightforward topics to create comfortable conditions for beginners.
We are not in a hurry
The course lasts five months. Classes are held every day for 2 hours. During lessons, we work out in detail and discuss everything that is needed to pass an interview and work.
You have a personal mentor and the possibility of additional classes at a convenient time for you
If you need help or additional attention, write a message to the teacher or assistant.
We practice from the very first day
In class, you get homework. In the internal system, tests and training are available for students.
Internship on a real project
To consolidate skills, we conduct an internship of ~ three months on an existing project. We are attending the project at Jira Software. Agile Methodology.
Professionally learn programming languages
Java, JavaScript
We are preparing for a technical interview on the first day of training. We solve tasks from interviews. You will write code well and confidently.
We help with resume writing.
There are several classes for training self-presentation skills in English. We help our students in the process of finding work and communicating with recruiters. Let's tidy up the LinkedIn profile.
Convenient online lessons format. Everything is recorded
All lessons are online, but sometimes we do face-to-face meetings to solve problems and train interview skills. If you missed a lesson, there is a record.
We have our rating system and see the progress of each student
We have developed our system for recording the progress of each student, his actions daily, the number of tasks solved, the dynamics. We react if someone needs help
We want to be sure that we fit together
Before starting the course, make sure that you can devote time to classes. We give access to trial classes before the start of the course so that you understand the format of the classes. Usually, a few lessons are enough to see if you can continue.
A refund is possible during the first three classes.
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